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Japan College of Foreign Languages has been active in three areas of education, namely: educatingJapanese students in Japan, educating Japanese students for study abroad, and educating international students from abroad. Having entered a new century, we find the whole world rapidly changing-politically, economically, socially, and culturally-as if heralding a new epoch. We are confident that out of these quickening signs will come a new life and spirit of the times, and that with our persistent efforts and dedication it will come into full bloom, as history has always shown to be true. We think there are three things to be prized in today's globalized society: learning languages for communication with people from countries and different areas; understanding and accepting different cultures of different people; and learning and respecting our own language, culture, traditions, and history. In response to these needs, Japan College of Foreign Languages was founded on the idea of people of the world accepting their differences and pursuing the path of coexistence. JCFL, a legally incorporated educational institution, which has cerebrated its 30th anniversary in the beginning of the 21st century, is perpetually full of youth, vitality, and enterprise. We sincerely hope that JCFL students, and those who are advised at JCFL's Study Abroad Centre, will launch into further study at overseas institutions worldwide, to gain knowledge and skills that best serve their purposes. We also hope that these overseas institutions will do their best to help students achieve their goals through cooperation with JCFL. Conversely, JCFL will always welcome overseas students who want to learn the Japanese language and culture, together with other specialist skills in Japan.

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Updated November 2004

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