Japan College of Foreign Languages is a vocational college founded by an education foundation and is approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

1970 Interpreter Tourist Guide Training Institute was established in Shinjuku Ward as the first such institute in Japan.
1977 Interpreter Tourist Guide Training Institute in Osaka was established as the Osaka branch campus.
1978 Main Building was completed in Toshima Ward. Renamed “Vocational College Interpreter Tourist Guide Training Institute”.
1985 Renamed Japan College of Foreign Languages. New school buildings including the Mejiro Building and the Nigokan Building were completed by 1992.
1987 Renamed Japan College of Foreign Languages. New school buildings including the Mejiro Building and the Nigokan Building were completed by 1992.
1993 – 1997 Proactively met the demand of the time by setting up ahead of other institutions such new courses as International Volunteer, Teacher of English for Children, Study Abroad Courses (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China) and Internet Multimedia alongside already existing courses such as Airline, Interpretation, Translation, Comprehensive English, Tourism, Business, Hotel, Study in USA and Japanese Language Education.
JCFL attracted attention not only from higher education institutes but also from companies and overseas institutions. It realized the idea of the internationalization of education together with overseas institutions in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China and Korea through educational partnership which JCFL had been developing since its foundation. In the process, JCFL greatly expanded the range of students’ choice of specialty areas including art, sports, environmental science, management, business and English. They have continued to grow to be what they are now.
1996 JCFL International Study Abroad Center was set up; study abroad courses were expanded.
1997 Takadanobaba New Building was completed in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Ward. Educational facilities and equipment were further improved for 21st century.
1998 Study Abroad Prep School was opened.
Globalization of JCFL progressed.
Further increase in educational ties with higher education institutes in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, France and Italy. Subject areas of study abroad were expanded to art, humanities, social science and natural science.
1999 With substantial advancement in information and communication technology, computers were installed in a massive way, ahead of other colleges.
2000 Celebrated 30th anniversary. Further expansion of courses, research activities, scholarship, educational equipment. JCFL First Year of Cyber-Brain.
2001 Full-fledged work on study abroad in new areas such as art and natural science (marine biology). In this International Year of Volunteers, a Special Award was given by the International Association for Volunteer Effort, headquarters in Washington DC, for JCFL’s continued volunteer activities.
2004 By this year, a multiple number of awards had been given for qualification examinations such as STEP Eiken and speech contests, and appointed several times by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for research projects. Achieved excellent educational results. Continued to create teaching materials for TOEIC and the Japanese language. Meanwhile, the number of overseas affiliated institution increased to over 250 in more than 10 countries.
2007 New school buildings and facilities were completed. 5th Bldg. (ANNEX) and 6th Bldg.(New Mejiro Bldg.) completed.
2004 – 2009 Further expansion of departments and courses such as the Academic English Course ( majors in Advanced English, University Transfer, Public Servant ) Asian-European Languages Course (majors in Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, French) and Japanese Business Course.
2010 The US Ambassador Award was given for excellent performance in STEP Eiken.
2010 Educational cooperation with the British Council , STEP Eiken Seminar, internship programs and joint development of curricula based on industry-academia collaboration started.
2011 Education Minister Encouragement Award for STEP Eiken STEP Eiken Best Organization Award.
2012 Education Minister Encouragement Award for excellent performance in STEP Eiken.
1st Prize in National Speech Contest for Vocational Colleges
2013 Education Minister Encouragement Award for excellent performance in STEP Eiken.
Educational Cooperation Agreement with Hanoi University , a national university in Vietnam, was established.
2014 Vietnam Study Tour/Asia International Exchange Program started.
Received a great number of inspectors, including the President of Yangon University of Foreign Language (Myanmar) University representatives from Thailand, and educational organizations from Asian countries.
2015 Educational Agreements with four prestigious universities in Thailand were concluded ahead of the coming Asian Era. Various educational exchange programs were expanded.