Age of Globalization

The planet Earth is your stage and you shine on it.You learn foreign languages and culture, and talk with people from different parts of the world.
This means you find yourself anew, and you get the wings with which you fly lightly over the borders of several countries. JCFL has always been following its founding idea of ‘development of global human resources.’
With self-confidence, many JCFL graduates have flown to the wonderful world where there is no language barrier and no business borders. Their potential has no national borders.
Look towards 2020 and beyond.
We hope you will learn and develop yourself at JCFL so that you may shine on the stage, the planet Earth, in this age of globalization.

45 years have passed since JCFL was founded in the form of its predecessor Interpreter Tourist Guide Training Institute.
Throughout our short history, we have been tirelessly working on the development of global human resources. Based on what has been achieved so far, we are determined to improve our educational content as internationalization and international exchange continue to grow.