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JCFL offers a comprehensive Curriculum. We provide a wide range of courses that will meet your needs and interests. After completing your study of Japanese, you can choose whether to join our other programs to pursue your professional goal or to go to universities and graduate schools.

JCFL Career Development

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Just for your clarification, let me show you career Development path we offer for international students. Unless they have sufficient language skills, students start their campus life in our Japanese languages division to acquire Japanese Languages as the top left corner of the screen. If international students wish to advance to our higher education course, there are a wide variety of programs we can offer for them from these three divisions such as Hospitality Div, Business/Liberal Arts Div, and Languages Div. Upon successful completion of these courses, international students will be able to have a broad range of choices in their future career, some may advance to an University or graduate school in Japan for further study, some may be employed in home country, Japan or even at Oversea. But at the end of the day, experience and education through JCFL will assist all of international students to make a significant contribution to their own country.