Japanese Language Department

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From basics to N1
in 2 years

JCFL Japanese Course aims at real-life communication competence.
This gives students not only Japanese language skills but also deepens their understanding of Japanese culture and society.

October Entrance 1.5 years

April Entrance 2 years

Special features of Lessons

Competence in Japanese communication is assured …here’s why
  • Competence in Japanese communication is assured …here’s whyComprehensive skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking Grammar, Chinese characters, conversation, presentation skills --- let’s improve all of these.
  • Thorough preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission.
  • You can set the pace for your studies There are two elementary courses to choose from: a half year –course and one year-course

For people who want to enter prestigious universities,
graduate schools and JCFL upper- level courses

Preparation for Universities and Graduate Schools Course 1 year

University and Graduate school Preparation course

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Aiming at admission to universities and graduate schools by obtaining a high level of Japanese and English competence

Special features of the Course
  • Thorough study to get high scores in Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission
  • Learn English at your pace, from elementary to advanced
  • Short essay writing class to improve both knowledge and writing skills
  • One-to-one counselling by homeroom teacher
This course aims at, among others

The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Hitotsubashi University, University of Tsukuba, Chiba University, Saitama University, Yokohama National University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, Meiji University, Hosei University, Rikkyo University, Chuo University, Aoyama Gakuin University etc.

Course for Admission to JCFL Higher Courses and
Higher Level Schools

Aims at admission to JCFL 2 - or 3- year courses

Special features of the Course
  • Improve Japanese Competence ~ obtain N1 in JLPT
  • Good preparation for higher courses, including observing JCFL classes and attending guidance sessions
  • Consolidate English communication skills ~ instruction at various levels
  • Homeroom teachers help form your career plan
This course aims at, among others
International Tourism Course/International Hotel Course/ Cabin Attendant Airline Course/ International Bridal Course
General English Course/ English Interpretation and Translation Course
International Business Area…
Advanced English Communication Course/ International Business Course/ International Relations Course

Japanese Business course 2 year

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Aiming at creating
business ties between
Vietnam and Japan

Learn Japanese culture, Japanese business customs, English and gain the latest know-how of international business as well as improve your competence in Japanese communication.

Special features of the Course
  • Improve your ability in English
    Small-sized class arranged by level
  • Improve your ability in Japanese On top of obtaining N1, students aim at the advanced level of BJT Business Japanese Test
  • Improve your Business Skills
    Students study economics, business manners, business writing and business English.
  • Improve your Job-Hunting Skills
    The homeroom teacher and Careers Center work together to support individual students through Company Seminars, Special Employment Seminars and individual counselling.
Learn with Japanese Students

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International students take TOEIC Drill and English Communication Skills together with Japanese students. They have a good opportunity to interact with them, widen their circle of friends and deepen their understanding of Japanese society and Japanese ways of thinking.