Career Data

JCFL’s own practical career development education has brought about a high success rate in job placement.

Every year JCFL has by far the highest successful employment rate among the further and higher education sector. JCFL Career Center is stocked with various information students need for job hunting such as companies' job offer sheets, company data files and former students' job hunting records. Students can access them at any time. The staff of the Career Center, working together with homeroom teachers, give counseling to student on a one-to-one basis. For successful employment rates, in terms of both quality and volume, goals are set up for each department as well as for the whole college in order to create more and better opportunities for employment. Students are provided with Job Hunting Handbooks which have all the information and instruction student's need, such as job hunting schedules, self-analysis, how to research industries and companies, and how to write entry sheets and prepare for interviews. Industry and Company Seminars are the largest college-organized events, which are held in October, December and February. A large number of companies are invited to enhance students' understanding of industries and companies. It is an important part of the successful job hunting process. JCFL teachers actively participate in the seminar, creating an effective collaboration with company members. Students are further assisted with a Special Seminar for Employment, held five times and each with relevant content. This makes the support provided by JCFL perfect and complete in every respect.