Internship programs allow students to get hands-on experience and understand the meaning of working. This is essential when they consider their career for themselves.

JCFL is vigorously implementing internship programs in cooperation with companies. They are conducted with careful planning for selection of companies suitable for JCFL students. Goals are set up jointly by JCFL and companies, with systematic plans for supervision, interim reporting, final feedback and assessment. In the hospitality area, JCFL has regular programs with hotels, airlines, travel companies and theme parks. All JCFL students have opportunities to have internship experience in financial and retail businesses. JCFL also has overseas internship programs with QANTAS, Asiana and Korean airlines for cabin-attendant training as well as a transfer program to Inha University for those aiming at international airline careers.

  • Hotel Training
    Hotel Training
  • Cabin Attendant Training
    Cabin Attendant Training
  • Walt Disney Training
    Walt Disney Training